Server Move

Johannes Nixdorf

Wed Mar 28 20:21:30 2012

Today we moved our server to a different hoster and used the opportiunity to redo some parts of
The barely used news feed moved to and the completely unused bugtracker is now gone.

Arch Linux Nightly

Jakob Nixdorf

Wed Feb 23 10:01:36 2011

From today on I moved my nightly repository for Arch Linux (x86_64 only) from to and switched to my own buildscript.
You can find the packages under
The git repository with all PKGBUILDs is located at

RSS Feed

Jakob Nixdorf

Mon Dec 20 19:57:02 2010

After playing with the XML-RSS module for perl I decided to implement an RSS feed for
You can reach the feed under
For now it will only contain the news posted on the main page, check the subdomains for the git/bugtracker feeds.

Under Construction…

Jakob Nixdorf

Mon Dec 20 19:52:34 2010

This page is still under construction!
You can find the already working subpages on the left side!